Celebrating Durham and the North East’s first whisky distillery we are releasing the first 100 casks to private individuals.

Cask owners can choose between a 200-litre first-fill American ex-Bourbon cask made from American oak (Quercus alba) or a 250-litre first-fill Spanish Sherry cask made from European oak (Quercus robur), meaning you can determine the flavour profile of your whisky. All privately owned casks will be printed with your name and the cask number. You will also receive a unique owners’ pack documenting the flavour profile, images of filling and sampling and a certificate of ownership. Private cask members will also be invited to attend exclusive events, including tours, cask filling and bottling.

The process of maturation is an art form and, as such, is not an exact science; however that’s the exciting bit. On average, evaporation (or the Angel’s share as it is known), accounts for “around 2% of the casks contents” per year. Absorption by the wood (or the Devil’s share), accounts for “around 5% of the cask contents” upon filling. These values are only guidelines as we don’t quite know how each cask will perform. Once the spirit is released you are able to determine whether it is bottled at ‘cask strength’, a value lower than 63.5% (due to evaporation and absorption) or at a bottling strength around 46%, and our distiller will be on hand to advise and inform. Your cask may only be bottled by Durham Distillery, no chill filtration nor colouring will be carried out. You are able to pre-pay bottling charges, otherwise bottling will be charged at the prevailing rate in the selected year - our team can advise you on this. Bottling includes labour, bottles, corks, closures, labels and cartons and if you want to come down on the day and bottle it yourself there will be hospitality included.

The price includes the spirit, insurance, any loss of liquid (other by natural means) and up to ten years’ underbond storage. Additional years of storage charged at £50 per year per cask. You are able to determine the age and therefore flavour of your whisky, with a minimum three years maturation required. Below we have outlined the expected costs associated with this offer. Prices are subject to VAT (where applicable), duty, bottling and transport subject to change and dependent on volume.

An Example Of Cask Prices


Cask Style

Size (L)

No. Bottles in 10 Years (46%)

Price (£)

Duty (£)

Bottling Pre-Paid (£)

VAT (£)

Total Cost (£)

Price Per Bottle (£)



















If you are interested in any of these packages, our online shop is available for purchases of the bridge packages. For those interested in our Private Casks, please make an appointment to speak with a member of our team using to booking system below.

We are able to accept BACS, Paypal and all major credits cards including AMEX, we do not accept cheques.